Dr. Daniel Bello
Director, Institute of International Business;
Board of Advisors Professor of International Business

Vision Statement

The vision of the Institute of International Business is to lead all urban, research-focused state universities as the indispensable source of knowledge, insights, and education in international business among its key stakeholders – students, executives, scholars, and public policy makers. The institute faculty strive to be relevant to the immediate business community by being the preferred source of information and insight.

A principal phenomenon of interest for the IIB is international business – cross-border business activities and the study of the political, cultural, and commercial environment within which cross-border trade and investment activities take place. An area of interest is the study of emerging markets – rapidly growing economies that are building a substantial number of middle-class consumers through market liberalization, institutional reforms, industrialization, and privatization.

The institute links students, faculty, curriculum, and external relationships to create a cohesive, international resource, and to build a global mindset and enhance the global competitiveness of our students, faculty, and the business community. While IIB is a distinct academic unit of RCB, its mission and work agenda cut across all other units of the college. The discipline of international business itself is an eclectic field. As such, the IIB fulfills the role of integrating all business disciplines.


The Institute’s Mission is to:

  • Develop and train a new generation of global business leaders who possess a keen understanding of the competitive global economy, appropriate language skills, and cultural experiences.
  • Be recognized for excellence in knowledge creation and dissemination that has the potential of advancing scholarship and shaping managerial practices in international business.
  • Promote and advance the internationalization of the RCB students, faculty, and curriculum through innovative, global-focused programs that transcend boundaries of the functional disciplines.
  • Establish a leadership position in global business education and executive training.
  • Create exceptional learning and career opportunities through engagement of students, scholars, and practitioners.
  • Reach out to the community by serving the international business education needs of the State of Georgia. Serve as a vehicle for the university to keep in touch with the business community.
  • Become a resource of international business education and scholarship on a national and international level.
  • Conduct leading research and advance the knowledge domain of international business.

Core Values and Beliefs of the IIB Faculty and Staff

  • Innovation, experimentation, and entrepreneurship
  • Contribution and support from the entire faculty and staff
  • Inclusivity and diversity
  • Appreciation of cultural pluralism
  • Collegiality, mutual respect, professionalism, and integrity
  • Collaborative spirit with stakeholders

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