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Faculty Spotlight: “The Negotiator”

Leigh Anne Liu, Associate Professor

Ph.D., Vanderbilt University; MA, Western Kentucky University
LLB, Foreign Affairs College

Leigh Anne LiuLeigh Anne Liu’s students learn how to navigate the complex waters of international business negotiation — a process that requires teaching them how to not only develop cultural intelligence but also how to adapt to different cultural contexts.

She imparts this skill-set through classroom instruction and complex simulations where students adopt the point of view of a different nation, helping them to understand both relationship management and self-management.

Cross-cultural differences, Liu says, are far more than differences in language. They include the unique character of a social group, how culture affects negotiations interests and priorities and strategies, currency issues, ethics, and the impact of instances when government is at the table.

According to Liu, possessing such knowledge — along with a more cosmopolitan, more global mindset will benefit both parties and is useful not only in cross-cultural contexts but in U.S. settings by making them less judgmental overall and less “my way or the highway.”

Liu’s research centers, not surprisingly, on individual and group behavior in cross-cultural settings. Specifically, Liu studies culture; cross-cultural
cognition; negotiation and conflict resolution; and global leadership.

Her work has been published in the Journal of Cross-Cultural Psychology, Journal of Applied Psychology, and Journal of International Business
, among others. She received the bronze medal for the Wiley-Blackwell Management and Organization Review Young Scholar Award, given for excellence in research by the official journal of the International Association for Chinese Management Research.