Lateefah Taiwo, 2010 Institute of International Business Award

Academic Programs


Certificate of International Business

The Certificate of International Business (CIB) Program is designed for all majors and BBA candidates in the Robinson College of Business. Its objective is to certify a solid international business background (base) for those who wish to enhance their preparation and opportunities when entering the job market.

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Master of International Business (MIB)

The Master of International Business program is the Institute’s premier program and is designed to provide graduates with specialized skills needed to function as managers in global business. Students jump immediately to global issues in their discipline of choice. The MIB program includes an internship and language proficiency.

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Global Partners Master of Business Administration (GPMBA)

The Global Partners MBA is a 14-month, four-continent, full-time program that is intensive, highly experiential, and designed to prepare the next generation of leaders for careers in the global business arena.

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Master of Business Administration (MBA/IB)

The Master of Business Administration program IB is designed for individuals who aspire to organizational or entrepreneurial leadership positions. The program enhances general management abilities and provides an opportunity to place emphasis on a functional area of expertise. Students build upon a solid core to study both a traditional discipline and global implications.

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Joint Degree: Bachelor of Arts and Master of International Business (MIB/BA)

Highly qualified and highly motivated students in languages and international business may apply for this joint degree program, which leads to an undergraduate degree in French, German or Spanish, plus a Master of International Business in five years.

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Doctoral Specialization in International Business

The specialization in international business is available to doctoral students majoring in any business related discipline, and provides doctoral candidates the opportunity to acquire formal training in international, comparative, and cross-cultural dimensions of business.

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