U.S. – Latin American Trade Program

  • Serve U.S. Firms
  • Deliver assistance programs
  • Facilitate the flow of critical information

The Institute of International Business (IIB) of the Robinson College of Business at Georgia State University has joined with key business consulting partners and professors in Latin America to establish the US – Latin America Trade Program. USLAT works throughout the region and has formal partners in several Latin American countries.

Business opportunities and challenges in the Western Hemisphere require increased attention considering new free trade agreements signed by the United States, the potential of an eventual Free Trade Area of the Americas, and the global competition coming from Asia. This initiative is promoting research, consulting, and executive programs to improve managerial practices and competitiveness throughout the Americas.

USLAT offers tailored programs for each client – utilizing intensive, hands-on assistance from business/faculty experts in a format of action learning.


For Business Clients

USLAT goals for its business clients include:

  • Penetrating new markets
  • Identifying customer needs
  • Locating investors and distributors
  • Developing strategic international business plans

For Universities, Government Agencies, and Business Development Organizations

USLAT goals for universities, government agencies and business development organizations include:

  • Organizing study tours for business students
  • Delivering special training for company teams
  • Providing expert speakers for business events
  • Advising agencies on strategies for promoting exports and attracting investment