IB Alliance Mentor Program

The International Business Alliance (IBA) student group launched its flagship Mentor Program in 1992. Under the auspices of the Institute of International Business, the IBA matches each student to a seasoned international professional who brings a wealth of experience and insight to the practice of international business.

The goal of the Mentor Program is to provide students the opportunity to establish long-term relationships with an international business professional in the student’s chosen field of study. In order to allow the students more time to establish productive relationships, the program will continue to span five months from January to May.

Mentor Program Objectives

The program’s objective is to prepare graduate business students to become future international business leaders by linking them with senior business leaders who already have extensive experience in various international business fields and are committed to sharing with the next generation.

The college recognizes the importance of producing graduates who can:

  • Lead and accept responsibility for taking the initiative
  • Acquire an integrative view of both the organization and its environment
  • Develop a sense of community with other business professionals

Professional individuals can actively participate in a student’s graduate school experience through their involvement in our IBA’s Mentor Program. Graduate students acquire business insight, not merely a classroom education, through their interaction and friendship with a designated mentor.

Mentor Program Application Process

All applicants must be enrolled in a master’s program*, have a minimum 3.0 GPA, and have a projected graduation date of May 2014 or later. If this is not true for you, you must contact Dr. Loch directly to discuss your situation. A complete application includes the following components (see the application form for protegés):

  • Application form
  • Statement of interest
  • International certificate of achievement questions
  • Current resume

Please submit the completed application and your resume to

Mentor Program, International Business Alliance
ibagastate@gsu.edu »

Application Deadline
November 12, 2013

Incomplete applications will not be processed. Limited spaces available; apply early.

Application Fee
$80 (payable to IBA – Georgia State University)

MBA Advantage Points available!

*If you are an undergraduate student with a strong, demonstrated evidence of international interest and/or experience, and would like to be considered for the Mentor Program, contact Dr. Loch »

Frequently Asked Questions

Any international businessperson with a minimum of 5 years' experience in mid- and upper-management and a track record of working in an international role is eligible to participate as a mentor. Mentors can be entrepreneurs or employees of large and small firms with an international component. Willingness to share experience and knowledge with a designated mentee will highlight mentors as role models.
Graduate students in the Robinson College of Business who do not graduate before May of the following year are eligible to participate in next year's program. If you are an undergraduate student with a strong, demonstrated evidence of international interest and/or experience, you can be considered as an applicant as well. All protégés must make the commitment to:

  • Attend all group program events
  • Communicate with their mentors by phone, email, or face to face at least once a month

A mentor's role will be to:

  • Listen and provide candid feedback about the student and her situation, capabilities, and aspirations
  • Provide guidance about career goals and how to attain them, based on the mentor's own experience and perspectives
  • Model her own brand of business values and success by sharing information about her career, the system she has experienced, and how it works
  • Provide an in-depth understanding of her current work environment and its features
  • Expose the mentee to the mentor's perspectives on the business world

A protégé’s role will be to:

  • Take responsibility for bringing job and career issues to his/her mentor for discussion
  • Give the mentor as complete a picture as possible of her situation and concerns
  • Prepare for each meeting by planning what he/she would like to discuss
  • Listen to and act upon feedback about himself/herself and career options

Mentors will improve interpersonal skills and leadership abilities and gain perspective through inspiring, encouraging, and guiding mentees' careers. Mentor participation offers wonderful PR and harvests individuals who are knowledgeable about the mentor's company. The mentors gain the self-satisfaction of contributing to an individual's future success. The mentors' involvement and improved skills will heighten their profile and career development. It's a win-win situation for all players involved.
The program extends from January through May. Mentors commit a monthly meeting to communicate with their protégé, accessibility by email plus face-to-face meeting.
Interested mentors and protégés will submit applications to the program. Mentors and proteges will be matched based on backgrounds, interests, and interviews.
An IBA officer will be happy to provide any additional information.
Xueqi Chang
Email: IBAGAState@gsu.edu
Tel: 404-413-7286
If you are interested to our Mentor Program, please fill in the application form below.
Application form for Mentors should be completed and emailed to Dr. Karen Loch at kloch@gsu.edu.
Application form for Protégés should be completed and then emailed to IBA Officers at IBAGAState@gsu.edu.